MURAD EDUCATION TRUST is a Non-Profit & Non Govt. Organization

MURAD EDUCATION TRUST is a Non-Profit NGO. We’re a charitable organization that specializes in the education and empowerment of less-privileged children, youth and womens. We believe in going above and beyond what’s expected by taking ownership of the task and seeing it through till the end. Our recognized programs include school, skills training, remedial education, social awareness and microfinance to needy poor seeker peoples self-sufficiency program. and it began with Mr. Mohd. Hasan Khan's simple logical efforts towards focus basic education and skills.

Founded in 1994, He started skills training classes of batches 05-10 labors on thier construction sites at Delhi NCR area, and it was the beginning to establish financial weaker peoples’s meaningful and productive life.MET started a primary school in 1999 at Mewat, Haryana and continue offers programs with simple logical efforts to Unemployed youth and women’s to make their life better. MET registered as a TRUST in 2006.

Vision: Our single minded aim to transform the basic education and skills into direct benefits in life, and help the backward Community to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Mission: To aware and develop the community with modern education & skills.

Our Values: We believe in doing the right thing under all circumstances. and also believe in provide supports to weaker sections needy peoples. We believe in people and their power to create change in thier own life.

Current Situation: Mostly skills training Institutes available for higher education, but MET providing short term skills training with basic education. To Real & Direct Benefit for better life.

Peoples Difficulty: We believe in human power to create change and everything we do is driven only desire to betterment for humanity.

MET's Successful efforts: MET committed to identify local issues and act on every opportunity for progress, self-improvement and inclusion. and successfully inequality was removed from some poor lives. and still continues these efforts.

Work integrity: We provide logical supports to needy peoples and believe in doing the right thing under any circumstances

There are many successful initiatives around us that aim to increase school attendance in less privileged communities. But very few that enable children to discover where they can go from there.

Awareness Programs

Basic Education Programs

Skills Training Programs

Areas of Work

We endeavour to work nationally to help maximum possible peoples and communities based on our available resources without any diffrence of religion or race. We are continue our work effortys in areas of Delhi NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan, U.P and Punjab.

MET selected First Mewat district for assistance to improve the quality of basic education and teaching techniques to helping them for skills training with experienced trainer.

Presently we are working with many companies and participating to promotes the building construction skills training at construction sites. especially for plumbing & firefighting trade.

We believe that the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray god! Good deeds make us same, which we do. God will judge us based on our deeds after our death...

"The MET's Story" Educate Empower Transform

MET has made a difference in the lives of more than thousands families, in last 24 years, over 3000+ skilled & un-skilled labors have been empowered to earn their own living, and more than more than 400+ technical Supervisor and Engineers benefited from our Awareness & Self Sufficiency programs across the nation and transformed there lives for better living.

The Govermental schemes provides constant support to us, and more than 1200+ youths have benefited from our efforts in period of 2015-2018.