Help & Contribution

O people of Islam, "You are the best people ever raised for the good of mankind because you have been raised to serve others; you enjoin what is good and forbid evil and believe in Allah." (3:111)

MURAD EDUCATION TRUST is a Non-Profit & Non Govt. Organization

Our journey started in 1999 when we started a primary school, we started the social work only with our own zakat funds, which is still continue.

On basis of our little successful efforts, we are planning to provide more opportunity for removal of poverty from some more needy weaker peoples in MEWAT.

because the absolute need of finding suitable minimum livelihood options for weaker sections in rural areas.

Acts of kindness or humanity are very powerful. That is why almost every religion and culture values and rewards the performance of good deeds.

There are many benefits to doing good deeds. Some of these benefits may be very obvious to you, while you may not have considered some of the others.

Authentic values are those by which a life can be lived, which can form a people that produces great deeds and thoughts changes.

Humanitarian Support

Our aim is to provide of basic education to poor childrens and skills learning opportunities to unemployed youths, to help their familys to breakout poverty cycle.

Help us in whatever way you can, to bring these backward and hapless children and peoples into the mainstream, in helping the children to dream for a better future.

Because it is not possible to do it without your help & supports.

Every citizens duty

It is the duty of every individuals and organizations to account, pressure and assist the governments to such an extent that they are able and willing to fulfil the roles which they have been elected to doing.

However, in such situations, especially in underdeveloped areas whereby governments are unable or unwilling to provide basic needs provision.

In this type of situations it is the duty of positive minded peoples to manage and look after the affairs of the people according to their needs in a proper manner.

A chance can blossom into a friendship or a relationship, if we look inside of our own social circle. which may ever have happened…

We can make arranging your helpful donation easy and flexible. Each and everything of your donation will going to your chosen activity to the benefit of needy peoples.

Money Donation

There are so many reasons to do good deeds. When you donate your money, encouraging others, you build a reputation and feel powerful as an honorable person.

Donation should continue to give. Whether you help poor children, or help to build a school. Anyone may get famous by money donation to charity works.
Your contribution, will still help make you a better person and the world a better place.
This will allows you chances to get tax deduction discount.

Time donation for Good works

When you share your time and talents with others, you may find peace in your life which are so great.
By donating your time, you may teach some skills training, which in turn can help in your life. You will be naturally become a more giving, caring, sharing and honorable person
When you perform a good deed, your other flaws are wiped out by the good deeds that you perform.
You develop a reputation as a good moral person.

Support by Materials

Donations that are done in form of materials rather than money. you can donate your used computers, old books, sports materials, Learning materials related to education and many kind of materials for skills training etc.

Your good works influence your children and other people in your community. When you doing some good deeds to society, and help someone in need.
Acts of kindness or humanity are very powerful. That is why almost every religion and culture values and rewards the performance of good deeds.

There are many benefits to doing good deeds. Some of these benefits may be very obvious to you, while you may not have considered some of the others.

An appeal from all of you, to help for raising funds to removal poverty from some livesand strengthen our hands.

Do you know Sadaqah?

Sadaqah is as an act, Giving something to somebody, without seeking a substitute in return, and to pleasing God/Allah only.
In short, during any period of happiness or sadness, giving donation for any cause and only for pleasing God/Allah.
In modern words the "Voluntary Charity" is SADAQAH
A kind "Word" & "Smile" can be considered as SADAQAH
The best form of SADQAH is “Sharing Good Knowledge”

Do you know Zakat?

Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is a compulsory tax on Muslims under Islamic law. It is about 2.5% applicable on surplus amount or value of property, which was not used over the course of a year.
This form of "charity" is an act of worship and a form of social investment, which is used for beneficiaries and for the welfare as well as the general infrastructure of a Muslims society.
The zakat payable once in a year. and in Islamic society, zakat considers as an important economic tool for welfaire.

SADAQAH >> It helps in the healing of various Sickness (according to the prophet of Islam)

ZAKAT is a form of charity it helps in fulfilling the requirements of the needy poor peoples.

ZAKAT and SADAQAH should be used to break poverty cycle and priority to the poors.

Become a Volunteers

Besides helping someone, doing a good deed peace your own heart and makes you feel good. If you are unemployed or retired, it gives you something worthwhile to do to pass the time. It is a social activity for those who may feel isolated and alone.

Help Someone

No matter what you give, big or small, money, food, helping an old woman across the street, your time or even a kind word, giving is the most rewarding thing a person can do for themselves and if you give you will see that your outlook completely changes. There are unfortunately so many people out there who need the help of others, what's 1 hour out of your week to go help out in the local market area, school, or the hospital. Whatever you are able to do, if you feel that you can, just do it!

Helping others gives you a new perspective and creates new hopes of getting a more positive form in your life.

We believe that the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray god! Good deeds make us same, which we are do. God will judged based on our deeds after our death.


  • You can join our mission and at the individual level You can change lives with your own hands.
  • MET would not be where we are now, without the incalculable support that we’ve received from many volunteers over the years, who come from diffrent areas to help us with our social movement. They contribute their time and skills to the unforgettable experience of teaching and igniting young minds. The contribution of our volunteers is greatly appreciated and tailored around their skills and availability.
  • The best way to contribute your time and experience is to become a Volunteer.
  • If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please join us, simply forward your details via email.